Design of Research Model

Whenever any researcher embarks on any research project or thesis work, his / her primary objective becomes to design the entire research in such a way that the study can become all-inclusive in nature. It determines the robustness of the study to be undertaken. Determining research model incorporates several factors, devoid of the nature or scope of the study. Firstly, the researcher has to decide upon the independent and the dependent variables, based on the ontological and epistemological fundamentals of the study, as well as the set of hypotheses to be proved or disproved.

Next, interaction between those variables are identified, which will determine the future course of actions. These directions will provide researchers with a preliminary idea about the fate of the hypotheses. Depending upon the nature of variables, data collection will take place, and the interactional nature of variables will determine the research methodology to be followed.

Many times, researchers do not focus much on this part, and straightway start with the research work. Consequently, they are being faced with severe difficulties, and they had to start the entire work all over again. There comes the role of Our experts assist researchers is designing their research model. Our assistance starts at the initial stage of the study, when the researcher decides upon the broad area of work.

Based on the broad research idea, we decide upon the independent and dependent variables, based on the existing body of knowledge we decide upon the possible interactions among those variables. After designing the first level draft model, we get it approved from the researcher. In fact, at every stage of the design, our experts follow the same procedure, so that we can be in the shoes of our client, and perform in synchronization with the thought of the researcher. If you have any query regarding your research model design, you can contact us at