Make your PhD Thesis Stand Out

Working on your research was one thing but reporting it in your thesis is a completely different ballgame. You want it to read well – otherwise it would fail to deliver on the hard work that you put in your research. So how do you write a thesis that stands out from the rest? Here’s how:

  1. Structure is important: Before you start, plan out a structure for your thesis. Choose what you want to put in your thesis and how. Take the help and advice of your supervisor or guide before you start working on the structure. Read your university guidelines before you start on your work.
  2. Read, read, read: One of the best ways to get into the writing mode is by reading. Try to read up as much of other people’s published works before you begin to work on your own thesis. If there are points that you might want to incorporate in your work, make a note of it for your future reference.
  3. Add that zing: Granted that your thesis is a serious academic work, but that does not mean that it has to read boring. Add a few quotes here and there, or test some of your own ideas to make your thesis interesting. The trick here is to strike the right balance between the gravity of your work and a little bit of flair. If you are refering to someone else’s work, be sure to credit the source in your thesis. And, plagiarism is a strict no-no.
  4. Work on it: You might be tempted to shift your focus out of writing especially if it is not something you like to do. That won’t help you in any way. Treat writing your thesis with as much importance as your research and work on it. Careless writing would generate grammatical errors and spelling mistakes that are not acceptable anywhere, much less for your thesis.
  5. Stress on certain paragraphs: Make your opening statements crisp and present the idea of your research in a concise manner. Do not fill out your entire work in the opening paragraphs or discuss the results where you are reporting them in a format.

Writing a thesis can seem daunting at first but once you get started, you would know how to go on about presenting your work in a manner that is sure to garner interest from the right quarters.

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