Design of Literature Review

If we look at the mounting volume of research-based studies taking place around the world, then we can visualize that those studies are focused specifically for answering to a problem. That problem may be related to the business world, or in a broader sense, the problem can be related to adverse socio-economic situation of a nation, financial situate of a nation, which is plausible to face a depression. The problem can be at the aggregate level, or it can be at the individual level. It is the duty of the researcher to place the research study in the existing body of the knowledge in such a manner, so that the outcomes of the study can explain the possible policy based solutions for the targeted problem.

However, the aforementioned problems may arise in several nations, in diverse contexts, and during different points of time. While providing with solution for a specific context, it has to be mentioned why the study is designed in that particular way. To fulfill this requirement, contextual evidences of the previous studies must be presented in a rational manner. This is the particular area, where researchers face difficulties. Here comes the role of

We assist researchers in designing their review of literature in such a manner that their studies are capable of gaining significant amount of validity among the community of researchers. Based on the context and design of the study, we take a bottom-up approach to design the literature review. This particular approach is beneficial considering maintenance of the focus of the study, as well as pinpointing in the major thrust areas of the study. As most of the researches are incremental in nature, and researchers want to get their works published in peer-reviewed journals within the shortest possible time, this approach enables us to commensurate this demand. If you are facing any difficulty regarding the design of literature review, you can contact us at info@