How to Prepare a Literature Review of Good Quality

The purpose of writing a literature review is to convince your reader that you have gone through the published work related to your research thoroughly and understood it properly. This kind of work can be found in different formats which include online sources as well. The literature review included in the thesis would be based upon the research objective and would provide the necessary framework required for your work.

It would be important to remember that the review should not be just a description of the summaries published by others, but it should be like a discussion which highlights the awareness of different theories, approaches, and arguments.

The structure of the literature review depends greatly on your field of research or thesis topic. You can group the opinions of various writers on a particular topic and compare it, but you should not present the opinion of one writer as a general opinion. Further, the structure should highlight the controversial issues, topic areas, different approaches to the issue in question, etc. Also, the words should be linked properly.

A literature review of good quality would be argumentative. Therefore, you are required to use the comments as well as critical notes you prepared while reading related materials in order to come up with an expert opinion. A short introduction which contains a summary of the literature review, the main topic, and the arguments should be included.

The review should be presented in an academic and formal style. The writing should have enough clarity and should avoid colloquialism as well as personal language. It would be better to use present tense in order to provide theories and general opinions, and past tense to mention any particular research experiment.

Another significant point to remember while writing a review is to avoid plagiarism and for that its ideal to get it proofread from expert proofreaders. If you are using the work of someone else, it is mandatory to give proper references.

To summarize, a literature review should be well-structured and reflect clarity in order to draw the attention of the reader.

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