Apps and Sites: Syncing Your Thesis Writing to Write Wherever You Go

Living in the digital age of today, you can exploit the power of apps and tools to help you be constantly in sync PhD thesis wherever and whenever you want. Writing your PhD thesis is bound to involve extensive referencing, correspondence with your guide and of course following up with people to gather data on time. These basically need 4 functionalities that need to be synced always, your email, documents, calendar, and files.

Apps and Software for File Synchronization

This gives you the flexibility to be working on a document in a computer one moment and switch to laptop/tab the next. You will no longer have to email yourself the most recent copy and dig through multiple versions of the same file to figure out the most recent one. This can be done in 2 ways:

Cloud storage: Dropbox, Google drive, Appleā€™s MobileMe, Evernote etc. are syncing service apps that automatically save and reflect edits you do on file on multiple devices instantaneously. File sharing also allows you to share it with people who are helping you on it and see edits and changes in real time.

Desktop apps: If online sharing is not your thing, here is an option for you. You can use software such as GoodSync, SyncBack etc. to synchronize your files locally over a private network. It allows you to set up a sync schedule and also sync with external drives, servers, and FTP sites.

Well, now that your files are all synced up, time to sync your emails and deadline reminders across multiple devices. The ways to do that are,

Syncing with desktop programs

Google and Yahoo are excellent providers who help you sync your emails across any device you want as long as you are logged in. All you need is an internet connection and you are set.

Syncing with apps

Google Keep and Evernote are two of the most recent apps that help you keep note of the deadline and tasks and remind you as frequently as you want it to. The other great thing about Google keep is that it helps you ticking off your completed task and see it anytime and anywhere.

Why do all this?

Well, a simple reason being, we live our life on the go these days. Having a PhD thesis to be accountable for at all times is made simpler and easier by opting for such syncing options which helps you add, remove or revise your work and be reminded of your deadlines anywhere, at all times.

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